Advertising Budget

Twenty-five percent of all small to medium size businesses fail after their first year; 36% after the second year; 44% after the third year; 50% after the fourth year. There is no single reason for the “fail” rate. Mistakes are made. All enterprises plan to succeed when they start – some, fail to plan. New customers, new product orders, new service orders are generally consider necessary to a successful business. An advertising budget is about new orders, new sales.

New orders and new sales are the life-blood of most businesses.

So a business development strategy may be important?  A “sales staff” is a good start. What does a  three employee sales staff cost, annually? What is the business’s geographical reach: local, regional, national, international? How many sales calls can one sales person make in a geographical reach?

pic-ad-budget-charts-600Try answering these questions with a dollar value – the numbers adds up!

Most small and medium businesses usually fall short in their sales staff. The missing employee is really an annual Ad Budget.

The Ad Budget is a full-time, sales employee. Ad Budget’s job: present the brand, product or service to the entire market, through such media as: print, radio, television, internet, apparel, sky writing and sandwich boards.

Delivering a brand, product or service to the market through a year of seasonal cycles is the Ad Budget’s  job.  A working Ad Budget is loyal, and never on vacation. Hire an Ad Budget. Put an Ad Budget to work.