Web Media

To my mind, Flash spawned web media. Macromeida Flash synced-up audio and vector graphics across the internet, through platform-based browsers – and did it as a plugin. Flash is the most successful plugin that I can think of… the multimedia timeline, inside of the Flash is where the fun started. Then you opened the door to room F9, ActionScript is standing there. An awkward moment takes over. Then, you blink, at ActionScript, in the doorway of room F9, which you opened.

multimedia-web-media-civic-promo-intro-960Flash Project: Sequence audio and still photo. Keep file size small (221Kb), 2002 dial-up – data transfer speeds are a concern.

multimedia-web-media-optima-office-furniture-960Flash Project: A Flash movie can be a very small file size and create a lot of user page interest. Vector graphics, as opposed to bitmap graphics…

multimedia-web-media-commercial-construction-960The assignment: created an animated home page splash graphic. Business model: a commercial construction company.

gabila-with-kinish-animated-redThe client supplied two low resolution pictures of square kinish and a logo with directions to create a home page splash graphic.