For the sake of Flash, Optima by Design.

Flash Project: A Flash movie can be a very small file size and create a lot of page interest. Vector graphics, as opposed to bitmap graphics, create very small file sizes. The above Flash home page design is 140Kb. Home buttons include audio and animation; and the product menu has matching swap graphics. In 2004, the Flash environment reached 98.9% of all browsers in the world, twenty for hours a day.

Before search engines, there was Flash. The Flash plugin delivered rich-media web experiences – across PC, MAC, UNIX platforms and browsers. Animation, sound, and eventually video delivery standards were set by the Flash team in both Macromedia and Adobe houses.

But, Flash media is not search engine friendly. So heads had to roll and sacrifices were made. Band Master strike a funeral dirge for the passing of Flash. Now, Accessibility Standards and rich-media experiences are the evolving art of web site delivery through HTML5 / CSS3 Standards and best practices.

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