Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) allows special editing privledges to a website’s page content through a browser window. The experience is much like creating and sending an email through a browser window. Photos, videos, text can be upload, edited, and composed to fit special content areas.

Access is limited to areas of the CMS – based on learning skills and editing confidence.

pic-content-management-system-edit-page-600 copyThe text editing Toolbar allows content building through a browser window. Add text, video, photos to a content area of the website. The button suite is fairly familiar:

  • bold, italic, strike-thru;
  • bullet indent, number indent;
  • quote block;
  • flush left text, center text, flush right text.
  • link, unlink;

The drop down menu bar, on the second row of buttons controls font face and font size selection.

Toolbar HINT: the DFWM button is worth a look. Distraction Free Writing mode, or aka “full screen” mode… is a stream-lined way to “just write”. Compose your page: add, edit, indent, link in the comfort of the “visual ” preview mode, or get dirty in “text” mode. Just Write.

web-page-responsive-page-template-all-960Page Templates

Page templates define the shape of web site’s content areas. Responsive page templates adaptĀ  to fit a smart phone, tablet, or desktop browser window. Responsive page templates redistributes the content to fit any browser width.

Responsive Page Templates are a website “best practice”. One website fits all devices.