Distributor, Corporate Identity.


This is the corporate logo for the company that produces and distributes the Deox-zing Restore & Shine™ kit. The square area in the design simulates a restored area of the word “imbue” — IMBUE, [im-byoo] verb. (Sounds Like: em B you) 1. to permeate, saturate, or influence as if by dyeing with color.

The sample marketing page (below) is a “bottleneck” for controlling “original imagery” and “brand styles”. This page is part of an entire Identity Standard for a single company.  A brand has to dress for inclusion on occasion, and the brand marketing page (below) displays an array of logos for the distribution company. A basic wardrobe for the brand. The trademarks are tailored for predictable future uses. Where is your brand wardrobe? Didn’t know you needed one? Perception is reality.

Black and white, reverse, outline, grayscale, color. Each suit in the logo wardrobe  can be downloaded as: JPG sizes, or vector art formats: Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe PDF, and Corel Draw (CDR).

art director
graphic designer
Corel Draw
Adobe Illustrator