Mixed Media

illustration-mixedmedia-rolls_roycesAnother loose magic marker illustration that explores Rolls Royce automobile designs.

illustration-mixedmedia-violin_frenchhornA loose magic marker illustration I did when I was exploring the results I could get with magic markers.

illustration-mixedmedia-jazzpianoI created this illustration for the experience of working with gouache paints.

illustration-mixedmedia-canal-st_jazzOne of my first paying illustration jobs; printed on a jumbo postcard.

illustration-mixedmedia-highlandncThis cover illustration graced the front of a fold-up travel map.

illustration-mixedmedia-naturecenter_mapThis is a color a map I volunteered to illustrated for a county Nature Center.

illustration-mixedmedia-colonialsoldiersA variation of this illustration announced a series of copyright conferences.

illustration-mixedmedia-bar-excursion_tshrtThis silk screened t-shirt started out as a pencil drawing.