3D Media

3D is one of those professional bones I won’t let go of; on a consumer level, a good 3D interactive can communicate instantly across multilingual markets. Web based, 3D info-graphics can communicate volumes of information quickly. Users can rotate, modify, and interact with a model of any product and size. Right through their browser window.

multimedia-3D-city-hall-960Small town City Hall; created as part of a broader community illustration.

multimedia-3D-barleys-taproom-t-shirt-960Identity branding on t-shirt; five color logo art printed on front-side of black shirt.

multimedia-3D-barleys-excursion-t-shirt-960Event t-shirt, front and back-side printing on green for staff, blue for public.

multimedia-3D-post-office-960Small Town community post office, loading docks in the back.

multimedia-3D-alien-run-about-960This model builds upon my illustration for roving theme park entertainment.

multimedia-3D-chessboard-960This virtual chess board was inspired by an actual travel size, magnetic chess set I received as a Christmas gift.

multimedia-3D-open-house-welcome-centerSmall town support center in the fictional community of Rock Lake.

multimedia-3D-astro-primitives-package-design-960A package design created for the texture map experience.

multimedia-3D-pot-belly-iron-table- chairTable and chair design based on pot belly wrought iron I saw while visiting Europe.

multimedia-3D-post-office-960Rock Lake book store; coffee, classical music, and eye exams.