Print Design

Print Design use to involve art directors, deisgners, photographers, typesetting, film, and metal plates; today it’s a .PDF file on a jump drive. The “computer”, put more options, in less time, on my life. The commercial art business is finally out of the dark room. Print in color as large as you want!

graphic_design-print-copyright-posterA series of public awareness conferences were held on copyrights, this colonial style recruitment poster was created to announce the event.

graphic_design-print-mfc-spaceday_posterCompany poster announcing four events to take place over a eleven day period.

graphic_design-print-booths-cobblestones01A full page and half page magazine ad for a paver company in Orlando.

graphic_design-print-bar-excursion_posterThis poster had to sell two hundred and fifty $60 tickets for a three hour train ride – easy sell when you provided “all the beer you could drink”!

graphic_design-print-gsv-amazing-magzadThe first design layouts in a series developed for a Georgia tourism group.

graphic_design-print-mfc-dial_6help-monsterSeveral MFC help lines were being consolidated into one HELP line. The following four poster designs were my take on announcing the change. These designs were never produced, but I felt they had merit.

graphic_design-print-cwp_nutrtn_bearA set of poster created to announce the time and location of a Corporate Wellness Management Program.

graphic_design-print-jazz-saxophone01Four posters built to draw traffic into a cruise line’s jazz club venue.

graphic_design-print-tango-pkg-stillFor some reason I am drawn to solving geometry problems, as in this case, a colorful package design.