Identity Design

graphic_design-identity-bluemoon-logoartThis logo design was an improvement on a crescent moon and unreadable text logo art.

graphic_design-identity-controlfreak-logoartThe product and brand name were already on the market. The product line also had character driven print ads.

graphic_design-identity-barleys-logoart-960The previous logo featured rolling mountains and a rushing stream; yet the Barley’s was expanding.

graphic_design-identity-lantirn-logoart-960Lantirn Pods allow jet fighter pilots to navigate at night, at treetop altitudes, and isolate targets with speed and accuracy.

graphic_design-identity-deoxzing-logoart-960This logo is for a consumer product that will remove oxidization and restore a shine to fiberglass and gelcoat boat surfaces.

graphic_design-identity-charge-rock-band-logoartThis logo design is a piece of fan art that I developed after hearing a blues-rock song: Vaughandrix by Marc Cole and a New Orleans band, Charge.

graphic_design-identity-capital-pursuit-logoart-960The client offers a free business consulting service, that has a cache of several out-sourcing business solutions priced to be competitive.

graphic-design-identity-imbue-distribution-logoart-960This is the corporate logo for the company that produces and distributes the Deox-zing Restore & Shine™ kit.

graphic_design-identity-wax-logoartIbiz is an car care products company that wanted to establish a web presence, I was asked to produce a logo by the web design company

graphic_design-identity-anewlight-logoartThis client had been in the creative imaging business for several years without a logo; when I presented three  logo designa it took him nearly half a minute to call this one a “keeper”.