Web Design

When the internet landed in my lap, I knew my career had just changed. The old advertising cost paradigm: “reach verses frequency” – or aka, “how may people do you reach and how often do you reach them” – had changed forever. Websites are distributed world-wide and twenty four hours a day. Print and broadcast have to share the Ad Budget.


This was a turnkey assignment. The client needed corporate and product identity, and an ecommerce web site.


This client was lost on page 24 of a two word Google search: “orlando paver”. After a new site design and some SEO mechanics they show-up on page one of the same search.


MFC Business Development needed a website that would provide access to links and tools that were common to all of the BD teams.


Restored classic cars and built custom roadsters – including the legendary Shelby Cobra. The home page logo-type is embellished with an animated moon and chrome framing.


The client had an existing JPEG of this design. My job was to create a PHP/MYSQL site with a Content Management System (CMS).


The DPC is a searchable photo database; this particular design was created to fit within a previously established corporate design standard

graphic_design-web-mfc-originaldesign01This was the first design for the Missiles and Fire Control home page featuring drop-down menu navigation, search capabilities, and press release notices.

graphic_design-web-mfc-splash-jsf-pac3The home page design for Missiles and Fire Control; the design features fly-out menus for navigation, and search feature. (award winning design).