gga-blog-contentDeveloping a idea from start to finish usually begins with a few written words, a first draft. These words ultimately expose the merits of an idea or deliver a sales pitch.

With a little more work the first draft turns into Final Copy; the “final copy” sheet serves as a “manifest” or a “road map” for production. It allows more than one person to share in the final expression.

I have found, as the first draft develops, edits and notations are made on the draft copy, like: “needs better supporting graphic”, or “insert pic chart here”.

Writing and organizing the “words” of a idea can be easier if you start by writing the obvious. Every marketing expression needs to have “contact” information; and, how about writing an “about us” statement.

Product or service content should be organized into a sensible order, alphabetically or by popular use. Expose the benefits of each product or service. Ask yourself, “who can benefit from the product, what is their preconception of the product, and what are the benefits they would be most interested in discovering”? I find it easier to write benefit-driven copy if I imagine myself speaking to a prospective customer.

The Final Copy sheet is a map, a manifest, and a script; it is the well-spring for the entire communication effort.

Shaping a message, delivering sales points, and targeting a market is my job. I write to fit the occasion, but my first expertise is in graphic expression. I create commercial graphic expressions that communicate across print, web, and video media:

– illustration
– photography
– video
– 2D & 3D animation
– multimedia interactives

Graphic expressions multiply a consuming audiences’ comprehension, retention, and re-expression. A picture is worth a thousand words, a moving picture is worth then thousand words, an interactive multimedia experience requires no words.

Got graphics?