Put Your Best Font Face Forward.

Font geeks. ALERT!

Put Your Best Font Face Forward_fontface_02.previewPut Your Best Font Face Forward_fontface_01.previewPut Your Best Font Face Forward_fontface_03.preview

Is there really any reason to get excited about fonts? Based on what I believe to be normal, there is no reason for font fancy. Except, I fancy fonts. I know, not normal. When I saw these pictures, imagine my excitement. These pictures could have headlined any discussion I dared about fonts for the next several years; but, there was bigger font news in the cycle. I know, bigger! Entire font families have migrated to the internet. Fonts are showing up on web pages.

Okay, I sense mock excitement – or maybe, you are rolling your eyes.
But I did ask: “any reason to get excited about fonts”; and you still reading?

For years, web pages were stuck with – maybe – 16 basic, ubiquitous fonts. But now, free Google fonts and paid subscription font kits are in the mainstream of the internet. Font face textures color the page in shades of gray. Fonts are the filigree of textual persuasion.

Fonts. In your face.

  1. G. Armento says:

    here is a video on the project (nicely done):

    fontface from atipo on Vimeo.

  2. G.Armento says:

    The creative group that produced the video and photographs, above, is worth a look:

    The audio track is described as Jazz, Swedish, Experimental, by Dan Berglund, with Tonbruket; [linked to]”Gi Hop“;

  3. G.Armento says:

    oh man, I am totally fan-boy-ing over this creative group, they have created their own type foundry. And then, have the audacity to romanticize it, imagine.

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