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3rd Semester of College

I finally found time to attend College and I am currently enrolled in my third semester. This semester I am enrolled in three art classes and an English class. Painting I, Computer Art I, and Graphic Design I, and English

3D for the Web

  One of those professional bones – I won’t let go! welcome… G.Armento – 3D Media ..Version 5.0 – same models, just delivered through a SketchFab account – responsive web page, fits phone tablet desktop resolutions  

A “favicon”, no big thing.

The “favicon” is the that little graphic icon that shows up next to the web site address you bookmarked for future reference. It is no big thing, in fact, it is a very small thing, 16 pixels by 16 pixels in most web browsers.

Fun with Pangrams

PANGRAMS: are sentences using every letter of the alphabet at least once. When shopping for fonts, a pangram is used to display the fonts letters in a sentence form. My first typing lab was in 9th grade, Irwin Junior High. My

Who Is This Guy?

who is this guy? and why have I not heard of him? Henry Louis Mencken, American Writer (Baltimore Sun newspaper), Born September 12, 1880.   Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage. – H.

Print for Thought.

The attached forty-four page .PDF file is a collection of quotes, composed by University of Virgina Professor Gabriel Robins – Computer Science if memory serves me. I formatted the quote collection with Adobe InDesign, added room around each quote for

Google Doodle Captures.

My browser home pages have been Google for the last ten (plus) years. Some of my favorite Google Doodles from the past. Autumn 2008 Can you say “autumnal equinox” fast? three times? Earth Day 2008 Big fan of moss covered

Read it, Learn it, Live it.

…okay, pencils down, heads up! This is what really good BS looks like.

Put Your Best Font Face Forward.

Font geeks. ALERT! Is there really any reason to get excited about fonts? Based on what I believe to be normal, there is no reason for font fancy. Except, I fancy fonts. I know, not normal. When I saw these