Google Doodle Captures.

My browser home pages have been Google for the last ten (plus) years. Some of my favorite Google Doodles from the past.

Autumn 2008
Can you say “autumnal equinox” fast? three times?

Earth Day 2008
Big fan of moss covered rocks, the water fall looks like a natural throne.

Galileo’s Birthday 2009
This Steam Punk, red oak and brass framing of the Google logo was a big win in my imagination.

Hans Orsted Birthday
(discovered magnetism in electric currents, not IEDs.)

Norman Rockwell Birthday 2010
American Illustrators Rock Well! …every canvas tells a story.

Veterans Day 2010
That morning sun is bright!

Wizard of Oz Anniversary 2010
Admittedly, I am a Google Doodle snob. Not a fan of the hard edge framing, but, I really like the art.

Rembrandt’s Birthday 2013
Subconsciously, I smell cigars when I see Rembrandt’s art. I suppose there might be a unconscious desire for some chocolate after looking at this Google Doodle.

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